Server virtualization is the process of masking the server resources in such a manner that they become transparent to the users. Modern IT follows the trend of virtualization of overall IT Setup including storage virtualization, network virtualization, and application virtualization.

Invictus Technology is a well-known name in the niche of IT infrastructure management. It follows the latest trends and uses the state-of-the-art concepts to remain heads and shoulders above the competition. With a high degree of server virtualization, it brings a highly efficient IT model that brings enhanced process efficiency, speed, and reliability.

Server virtualization brings an array of benefits to you. By removing over-provisioning and enhancing server utilization, you not only save IT Cost but move one step ahead for the Greener Earth. Consolidation of IT hardware reduces the environmental impact. Here is the long list of benefits:

• Reduction in operating cost and hardware (as high as 50 percent on hardware cost and more than 80 percent of energy consumption).
• Significant reduction in server provisioning.
• Fewer downtimes and more reliability.
• High business continuity and disaster recovery.
• On-demand IT services that are free from the limitations of OS, Hardware, Software, and infrastructure.

Better utilization of resources

It is a fact that the traditional IT setup is prone to over provisioning and wastage of resources. In the conventional approach, a server operates at the most 30 percent of the capacity. It means when you install an array of servers; there is always a big under-utilization. In the context of increasing operating costs and high pressure on the bottom lines, it is not affordable at all. Server virtualization increases it as high as 80 percent which is a phenomenal improvement.

Since the virtual servers act as a complete system that uses hardware, OS and application just like an individual server, you achieve high levels of redundancy and performance.

Lower hardware needs

Since you reduce the number of machines, you save money on hardware procurement and maintenance cost. Good-quality virtualization makes it possible to use a single physical hardware as 15 virtual hardware platforms. It means the hardware requirement drops 15 times. Obviously, there is a drastic drop in space and energy requirement. Similarly, the air-conditioning needs also come down greatly.

We enable you with products and services that help in utilizing the hardware in highly efficient manner. The intelligent use of hardware lowers the need for hardware procurement and management.

Application virtualization enhances manageability

When you make applications virtualized, the advantages are incredible. First of all, it separates the configuration layer from the Operating System. Secondly, you improve compatibility and manageability of applications. Invictus Technology designs the best application virtualization for you so that you run applications on multiple interfaces by installing and managing at the central location. Right from application management to upgrade and deployment to termination; you get amazing convenience and speed.

We also offer Desktop virtualization which is in line with the Thin Client model of good old days. However, system administration is centralized in this case which means you get the benefit of processing power as well as administrative capability. You have an array of the centrally managed desktop without compromising on the complete PC desktop experience.

We manage complete virtualization for you

When you assign the task of virtualization to Invictus Technology, we look at it with a holistic perspective. Nowadays, commercial solutions use hybrid solutions where traditional shared desktop sessions are added with incoming client sessions. Citrix server, blade server are a few examples. We use the expertise to create individual virtual machines that are compatible with a variety of operating systems. Switching between OS happens with a click of the mouse.

Virtualization is the buzzword today due to increasing IT management costs. Since the world of IT is dynamic and ever-changing, virtualization is the only key to success.

Centralized management and automation

Invictus Technology offers a one-point resolution for all your server, desktop and operating system virtualization needs. We help you in managing the entire IT organization at a centralized control. You can have better control over operations management, the health of the servers, resource management and planning of IT setup. Data center growth can be managed by a centralized and unified dashboard.

Let not the IT center administration consume valuable resources such as time, energy and operating costs. With systematic and robust solutions offered by Invictus Technology, you transform the IT Data Center at new levels of efficiency. We enable you with high-quality IT administration services so that you minimize the downtime and implement policy-based, dynamic allocation of IT resources. We remove repetitive and redundant things and make the system lightweight and consistent.

Our experts look into each aspect of your IT requirement before suggesting the right solution for you. When a comprehensive, robust solution is suggested to you, it is sure that you achieve high levels of IT effectiveness.

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