Security Solution

Being a progressive company, you can’t afford to remain aloof from the world of Internet. It is one of the strongest mediums today where one can showcase products and services and reap tremendous benefits of it. Having said it, to keep the enterprise’s network safe by staying on top of the cyber attacks is a big challenge. Since the intruders keep on ever-evolving, the IT security solution has to evolve faster. Attackers and hackers change their strategies pretty fast so that they can break into the IT system, including hardware, software, networking system, etc.

With top-notch security solution, Invictus Technology monitor, analyze and identify security breaches. We derive the mechanisms of combating them effectively by developing a knowledge base of attack patterns. The team has capabilities of developing countermeasures that are robust and fool-proof.

Since we follow a strategy that is driven by intelligence, we take proactive measures of protecting your IT network from unauthorized access that could damage the system potentially. We mitigate the risks by anticipating them well in advance. We offer the full spectrum of services that cover every possible aspect of your IT business.

Vulnerability Management

Keeping in view the constant evolution of intrusion technology, your IT Setup (databases, networks, and applications) is always vulnerable for the risk of data breach. However, you can achieve a significant level of security by hiring high-quality vulnerability management solutions. We can help you in identifying and fixing the risks and make it greatly secure and trusted.

We offer smart services of proactive scanning so that you find out vulnerabilities well in advance. It reduces the risks. Since we provide robust and powerful mechanisms, you can concentrate on the core business objectives.

Firewall management

Firewall is the most important part of network security mechanism. Since firewall management is a highly resource-centric activity and you need high expertise on it to offer complete security from the breach, you need someone expert to do it. Invictus Technology brings robust and fool-proof solutions that can provision, deploy and upgrade your devices against intrusion. We update security patches as and when required.

When team Invictus Technology looks after round-the-clock Firewall Management and monitoring activities, we not only protect the system from threats but also respond to various health events about device security. We analyze the threats and quickly respond to it so that your organization remains unaffected by it.

24×7 monitoring, automatic alert mechanism, and quick action are the advantages of implementing our solution. Your team is relieved from the hassles of monitoring, and they can concentrate on their core competency work. By providing comprehensive access control, analysis of logs and perimeter security; you can meet compliance obligations.

Antivirus and Malware attacks

In the technologically advanced world today, intruders make more sophisticated attempts of entering your system than earlier. Very obviously, the security mechanism should be one step ahead of it. With Invictus Technology, you needn’t worry about malware attacks. Our Antivirus solutions look miles ahead of others and thus keep you safe from the vulnerability of malware attacks.

Cybercriminals are incredibly fast nowadays. Threat attempts are there on a regular basis. Hence, we enhance security system regularly. Our effort is to bring high levels of threat intelligence for you so that early warnings and actionable insights can be developed. We empower you to take actions that greatly reduce the vulnerability to virus and malware attacks.

Call Invictus Technology so that your requirements can be analyzed and an appropriate security solution can be planned. We design it for you, build it, and test it in controlled conditions. Once it passes through the preliminary testing, the system is implemented in your environment. Some situations can’t be simulated in testing conditions, and we have to run the system in actual working conditions. Security solutions built by Invictus Technology have been found extremely effective in a variety of scenarios such as the web, mobile, and cloud.

We make services that help you in improving the level of security in your system. We want to transform the way you manage security in the system.

You are offered with top-quality security systems to fix vulnerabilities in the system. Regardless of the business environment and technical backdrop, our security systems are fit for all.

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