Facility Management Services

When you invest a fortune in IT infrastructure, there is quite a deep purpose behind it. You want to offer state-of-the-art services and to remain competitive in the market. At the same time, it is equally important that the IT system setup works efficiently and relentlessly. Studies show that well-managed IT infrastructure not only works longer, but it brings incredible benefits to the business. When experts like us do it, you are free from the worries of breakdowns, system failures, and downgraded performance.

Team Invictus Technology delivers top-in-the-class IT facility management services to keep your business thriving and achieving more and more heights of success. Investing money on procuring the best IT facility management service should give you the maximum return, and we commit that you will get it, for sure.

Invictus Technology, your one-stop resolution center

At Invictus Technology, we offer IT facilities management for you so that you can get the best benefit of it. Apart from increased utilization of IT infrastructure, you lower down the cost of ownership. High service levels ensure that the internal and external customers get flawless and non-stop IT services.

Our motto is to deliver fully automated, end-to-end service so that you reap the maximum benefits of IT. The full stack of options offered by us and fully automated provisioning service bring quality and consistency in the behavior of IT infrastructure.

We make sure that the servers, desktops, peripheral devices, network, databases and everything else related to the IT infrastructure give you the best performance.

How Invictus Technology helps you?

When Invictus Technology offers IT Asset management, facilities management, and service contracts; the objective is to offer flexible, effective, lean and absolutely agile IT operations. It is said that a well-managed IT setup can take the business to unimaginable heights. With our support, you achieve it because:

• We bring accurate asset utilization, reduction in IT system failures, and predictive maintenance.
• Even if you have business at a single location or multiple locations; we have a clear-cut visibility about it. Accurate infrastructure and workforce planning give utmost profitability for you.
• We make IT operations, agile, flexible and fast.
• Apart from lean operations and profitability, we also improve end-user experience. Your employees and customers feel the difference in the service levels.
• With new-age IT transformation models, we have the potential of transforming your IT landscape. From a mediocre state, we take it to incredible heights.

Network Infrastructure Management

Effective data communication is the key to success in the modern era. You can build resilient, robust, adaptive and greatly responsive IT system if the network infrastructure is state-of-the-art. Invictus Technology not only achieves high levels of network performance but highly secure platforms as well. When we manage the network for you, you achieve high productivity and operational effectiveness.

Experts say that reliable connectivity, easy integration, and high performance are the outcomes of a nicely managed network. We make it possible for you at affordable costs. Other than trouble-free operations of network infrastructure, we bring high-quality options of training, maintenance, and support.

Hardware Management

When you want to give non-stop IT services to your customers, it is utmost important that the IT infrastructure is always up and running. Servers, desktops, laptops, and peripheral devices are required to be in efficient operational conditions. They not only process information promptly and reliably, but the downtime should also be at the lowest levels.

With best in the class hardware and network devices, customized services, and resident engineers, we make it possible for you to offer top-notch IT services to customers. Our server management tools, network monitoring tools, and IT security and firewall management services are admired for excellent quality.

IT maintenance services

It is not sufficient to deploy the best quality IT hardware, networking equipment, and software in the organization. It is equally important to maintain and upgrade the hardware and software part. We are the top-preferred computer hardware and peripheral integrators. Therefore, we know what is the right hardware and software configuration for your organization? We deploy and maintain products and services that are best for you. Software license procurement and upgrade, database and anti-virus procurement and upgrade, and emailing and web server configuration and upgrade are some of the prominent services.

When you want to spearhead the market, it is critically important that the IT infrastructure is stable and performing. When your business required highly stable and performing infrastructure which can keep pace with your business growth and dynamic business environment, you can’t afford to keep a “break and then fix” approach. It will add costs to the business and increase the risk of breaking the business continuity. When Invictus Technology helps you with highly specialized IT Facilities Management services, your IT environment is constantly managed by experts. We make sure that availability, compliance, and performance are at the peak when we manage your IT setup.

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