Unified Communication Solutions

Satisfaction of customers depends on the way you run the business and offer services. They compare service providers on these parameters and don’t hesitate in switching to others if they find you outdated and old-fashioned. No wonder, companies are always on the toes to adapt new technologies and the latest trends. Setting up high-end contact center is highly important because it establishes great customer relationship using a wide variety of contact channels. When you assign the task of establishing a state-of-the-art UC (Unified Communication) solution, we make sure that the impact is visible on the top line. Right from operational staff to middle-level management and from business leaders to business associates; everyone feels the impact of using a state-of-the-art UC platform.

Why should you assign the responsibility to Invictus Technology?

Invictus Technology helps clients to set up convergent IP-based communication solutions for your organization. We know that integrating IP addressing to the current communication setup is a complex thing. Hence, we assign only the best technical experts on the work. They are seasoned enough to perform everything from planning to system configuration and testing to implementation. When you want to migrate the legacy system to a modern one or upgrade the existing setup; our services are equally proficient.

When we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to you, it brings a plethora of benefits to you.

• Single interface that offers simplified interactions with customers.
• Seamless, smooth integration with the voice and data network.
• Continuity and high reliability of services.
• Enhanced responsiveness due to real-time communication.
• Lower expenses and higher manageability.
• Expanded communication capability.
• Better control over a communication network.
• Simple, fast, and easy communication interfaces

When Invictus Technology manages UC solutions for clients, they explore communication solutions that bring a real-time integration of voice, data, messaging, video and audio conferencing, mobility, and Internet connectivity. We put you miles ahead of others by providing reliable and practical solutions so that you are impeccably connected to the world. With scalable and adaptable solutions of ours, you get more than expectation.

What is Unified Communication?

The technical definition says that UC is a methodology where one unifies diversified modes of communication into a unified mode that brings a single, combined user experience. You have a long list of communication channels at a single place with highly dynamic and interchangeable platform to share them in one go.

Whether it is email, voice, or text messaging, voice, chat or video, and email or video conferencing; all exist simultaneously. A user-friendly interface lets you switch over from one mode to other. Multi- device compatibility gives the liberty of using a long array of devices, e.g. handheld devices, computers, laptop, tablets, etc. Highly integrated solution can be easily embedded into business process software or application software.

• Voice platform: It offers scalable and secure communication when you use a wide array of software-based platforms for all varieties of business environments.

• Applications: You have a long list of easy-to-use communication applications that help in streamlining the communication processes. The productivity increases manifold by using them.

• Client interface: UC brings a long array of client interface in the form of desktop client, mobile phones or soft phones. They save cost and stand out your organization ahead of others regarding the use of technology.

How does it enhance business communication in your organization?

In the fiercely competitive world today, businesses are forced to use tools and techniques that enhance business efficiency to meet increasing customer demands. The more technology becomes advanced; higher is the pressure to use the latest things. No wonder, it is an immense challenge for management to achieve technical excellence without increasing IT budget disproportionately. Since Unified Communication integrates communication channels for business process optimization; the organization can use them for business benefit. Voice and data communication, audio and video calls, Email and text messaging, and voice mail and fax; everything is there at one place.

Though Unified Communication is not a single product but an integrated solution of diversified things, it is integrated in such a manner that users consider it one unit. The term ‘UC solution’ is used regardless of you talk about voice and data network or messaging solution.

Since UC solution integrates a series of applications in a single unit, it brings enhanced operational efficiency and easy management. When Invictus Technology implements the solution for you, it is assured that you get high-degree of system stability and robustness. With the use of new features like VoIP, you contribute to the efficiency of the organization. Combining and integrating UC solution takes your business to great operational effectiveness. Sustainable and cost-saving communication solution helps in achieving high degrees of customer satisfaction.

Due to tangible and intangible benefits of Unified Communication, every year the number of UC users increases.

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