A system audit is an integral process in the modern business. As businesses and services become more standardized and structured, they follow internationally accepted quality standards. When you follow standardization, it is mandatory to have periodical system audits to determine the gaps. Though the IT systems constitute the major part of the audit process, review of related non-automated processes is also part of the scope.

Invictus Technology is the single-window solution for all your audit needs. By the bookish definition, auditing is the on-site verification process. Thus, we extend our services to your premises to inspect and examine the processes and to ensure full compliance with the needs. Whether the audit applies to the whole organization or a specific function or process, we make sure it is handled comprehensively.

Guidelines say that the audit should be systematic and independent, and the processes of document retrieval should be documented. The documents are objectively evaluated to determine the level of audit criteria fulfillment. You call us for product audit, process audit or system audit; we assure that the output is just perfect.


It is the moment you decide to go for audit, and you start steps to carry out it effectively and successfully.


Preparation phase decides your readiness. Everything that is done by the stakeholders to make sure that the audit complies with the objectives defined by the client comes under the preparation phase. Auditors, lead auditor, clients, and audit program manager are the stakeholders in the process. As soon as you decide to undergo the audit, prepare stage begins and it ends the moment you start actual auditing.


It is the actual fieldwork of the audit process, also known as audit performance. It consists of the data gathering process. The moment we arrive at your place to our exit, audit performance continues. Typically, we have several on-site audit management meetings with the stakeholders, gathering information about the system processes and controls. We compare and verify the collected information with the reality on the ground. Keeping everyone appraised with the developments is also an important part of it.


Communicating the results of the investigation is an important aspect of it. Experts emphasize on the validity and accuracy of data because the reports become the source for addressing several organizational issues. When the lead auditor hands over the report, audit process ends officially.

Follow up and closure

Follow up and Closure (or Complete) is the last and final processes. Either all planned audit activities are carried out, or the exceptions are mutually agreed by the client and the auditor. The follow-up actions can be verified during the subsequent audit.

When a product, process, or system audit throws a few findings that need some corrective action; auditors mark them as Follow Up items. It is not possible to implement corrective measures and close the same then and there. Hence, program managers request some time for corrective actions. These processes fall under follow-up process. It is a general practice to combine it with the next scheduled audit.

Salient features of Audit Services offered by Invictus Technology

An auditor should be the specialist in the niche. Based on the purpose of the audit, clients should pick the right auditor. Some audits are for verifying compliance and conformance, whereas some are for the administrative purpose. Invictus Technology is a seasoned Audit Service Provider that performs system audit by using the comprehensive knowledge and understanding of system audit process. What makes a special Audit service provider?

• We do the in-depth study of your existing system and procedures. We understand business processes and process controls. The team suggests improvement and strengthening of processes.
• We ensure 100% compliance with procedures, statutes, and policies.
• We review accounts comprehensively to ensure that they follow generally accepted account policies and accounting standards.
• We look into inefficiencies at operational levels and also at the reporting levels.

Team Invictus Technology is equipped with end-to-end knowledge and expertise of auditing your infrastructure and system processes to find out the areas of improvement. Experts underline the importance of implementing small improvements in the processes and procedures that can lead to enormous improvement and business benefits. When we look into each element of your setup to understand the loopholes and problematic areas, surprising results come. We identify the typical ‘time wasters’ that slow down the processing, and configuration anomalies that cause collision. We dig out troublesome and irritating factors.

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