Data Center Infrastructure Management

If you are looking for top-notch data center management, then come to Invictus Technology. With a rich experience in managing data centers and a large spectrum of services and products that build a superior data center, we are the undisputed market leader. A comprehensive and effective DCIM platform makes infrastructure management as simple as possible.

When you want an easy yet reliable management solution, we have the best choices. Send your requirement details to us and get a detailed list of products that fulfill your needs more than expected level. If you are confused with multiple choices and not able to decide where to start from, then we are there to help you with proper consultancy service.

Increasing needs of computerization transform the face of modern businesses. IT is no longer a support system, but it becomes the core of operations and services. You deliver highly efficient services to the customers by using state-of-the-art IT infrastructure at the back end. Since the operational excellence largely depends on IT systems, you need robust data center management for 100 percent uptime of servers.

Our next-generation DCIM solutions are capable of facing challenges of tomorrow. Don’t merely meet the expectations but exceed them with Invictus Technology!

Why should you hire Invictus Technology for DCIM?

Invictus Technology brings state-of-the-art DCIM software that enables you to manage data center operations smoothly. You improve the planning and design of data center infrastructure. Our experts bring a rich exposure of designing DC solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. We help clients in all domains of the business by offering a smooth and easy interfacing of data center ops to IT facility management. You make optimum use of your data center. Three distinct benefits of hiring us:

• Improvement in uptime: Since our software monitors DC infrastructure at a regular basis, the critical facilities are always under observation. The system of polling equipment, fetching automated trends and reports on performance, and monitoring of threshold keep you updated about it round the clock. Advanced alert mechanism helps in resolving the anticipated problems before they turn into system failure.

• Better capacity planning and system utilization: When you invest in costly IT infrastructure, it is critically important to make optimum use of it. Right from data center modeling and space allocation, we help in procuring the best suitable racks and cabinets. Our sophisticated module establishes a relationship between IT facilities and equipment instantly. We also assist in assessing power and network connectivity.

• Enhanced energy efficiency in the data center: With our state-of-the-art monitoring system, you can measure IT and non-IT energy load and get instant reports and trends. With effective at-a-glance view, you can manage data center quite efficiently.

• Improvement in the productivity of workforce: Fully integrated, workflow-based automated system, you can manage data center well. When each of the functions and sub-functions performs well, you get immense improvement in the employee productivity. Also, reduced downtime enhances their morale as well.

When you rely on ad-hoc, mediocre data centers; you can’t be confident about the workability and longevity of the solution. It may work for some time, but not perpetually. Ask Invictus Technology for robust, reliable, and well-planned DCIM solutions that offer excellent management and monitoring of your data center.

Operation managers of your data center get benefited by Invictus Technology DCIM solution. They have better visibility and insight to physical data centers. They can visualize and locate assets well. Adding or removing new components, server provisioning and capacity planning for future expansion becomes easy and manageable. Our DCIM tool improves operational efficiency and saves on energy costs.

Our value-added DCIM solution is customer-aligned, flexible, and suitable for all commercial setup. We value your business we value you as our customers, and we value IT systems. Build a data center infrastructure, not for today, but with a futuristic sight. Top-class enterprise standard data management tools build high-availability architecture.

When you take services from us, rest assured of operational data standards. We benchmark our services with the highest possible standards of quality and performance. Easy account management, superior, stable services and continuous monitoring enable you to manage the data center infrastructure well. A single-point controlling system makes it simple and user-friendly. Gain easy and quick access to the data center and manage facilities well by using Invictus Technology DCIM solution.

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